How to Be…Plogged.

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thursday june 9th, 10:15pm

dear mom and dad. 

it’s your dog. 


remember that time you bringed me to auntie lady’s house and then left me there, cause i do. 

it was tonight. 

and see i was doing the thinking that you were going to come back so imagine my greatness of surprise when auntie lady walked through the door. it was actually a bit disappointing if you’ll know but you would be so proud of me cause i wiggled and wiggled to give her the idea that i was happy to see her but really i was thinking of you the whole time and that is a thing called pretending.


aunty lady said you’ll be back before i know it but doesn’t she even know that i don’t know it so i actually don’t know it so that makes no sense. and…

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