He Smiles


They had lost everything

No home

Not even a village

Just piles of stone

Where lives once lived

They had nowhere to go

No car

Even if there were petrol available

So they walked

Him, his wife and a friend

I smiled at him

Encouraging his story

After all

He was here, safe

So it was surely a happy ending

But it was only him here

Two days into their walk

Across Northern Africa

His wife collapsed

She died in his arms

He couldn’t bear

To leave her body

There, nowhere, nothing to mark

That there she lied

So he carried it

That empty vessel

That once contained

The love of his life

The mother of his children

He carried her for four days

Until they reached a village

That had a church

And after a quick burial

They set off again

Only him and his friend

Made it across…

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