The #blacklivesmatter Movement: social commentary


I will get a lot of backlash for this post. I will get called a racist, a bitch, and go right ahead, call me whatever you please. It will not change the way things are. There is a problem in this country, one I did not imagine having to live through in 21st century America. Racism is sweeping the nation and it’s coming from both sides. We’re only hearing about extreme cases of police brutality, we are only seeing gunmen shooting police. We only see violence. I can’t understand it, I never will. How can we promote violence against our fellow humans? How can we allow people to act so senselessly? Why? Why? Why? The #blacklivesmatter issue is becoming one that I can no longer sit silent for. Not when my siblings are half black, not when the man who raised me is black, not when my friends and colleagues…

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