What Do You Get When You Fall In Love?

Jewel of Contentment

Someone interviewed young children about falling in love and getting married. “God has it all planned who you’re going to marry. You just get to find out who you’re stuck with,” a little girl responded. I guess she’d never heard any of the “soul-mate” gibberish that’s out there. She was closer to the truth than most of us like to admit.

I fell in love forty years ago or so. It may have been his light gray eyes or maybe his excellent facial bone structure. (In my teenage maturity, I was mightily concerned about bone structure, which I figured was an indication of how well a man would age.) Whatever it was, one brief conversation with the guy was enough to keep my thoughts occupied with love and marriage fantasies for many months.

Six years later, I was married, but not to that man. This weekend, my husband and I will celebrate…

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