York and the Past

The Wrinkled Writer

The taxman cometh.

He always does. He finds you whether you are in Ohio, North Carolina or South Carolina.

The letter came requesting information, so I decided to take the information over to the tax office in the county seat, York, South Carolina.

The first time I was in York had to be nearly twelve years ago. One of our sons took us there to a place called Tony’s. They had a delicious Italian salad dressing and garlic knots that made you not want to order anything but those. It was delicious.

Then, a new owner took aver and the place wasn’t the same. That was maybe nine years ago. I haven’t been there since.

York is a Southern town, the county seat of York County. Danny, the mater man I met last week said, “Rock Hill hates York because it thinks IT should be the country seat.”

Oooh, don’t…

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