Whatever the Weather…

more quiet spaces

Have you ever had a little ditty suddenly spring to your mind out of nowhere? Today, I suddenly found myself remembering the little weather poem I learned back in grade school.

“Whether the weather is cold,

or whether the weather is hot.

Whatever the weather we’ll weather the weather,

Whether we like it or not.”

Maybe it surfaced because I’ve been looking at the weather channel. It seemed as if every story was about some terrible weather event that is happening. If it wasn’t a terrible weather event, it was weather that was totally apart from the norm. Typhoons, tornadoes, hail storms, floods, heat waves, and cold snaps – they were all there.

I know that weather is not easily predicted – just ask any weather person on the news cast and they’ll agree – but we seem to have moved into a new era of weather. Right now, we’re in…

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