From An Island In New Hampshire


July 13,2o16

I have tackled the hand cut poles for the screenhouse, and learned a hard lesson: tech and nature do not naturally mesh. It’s not that the springy saplings wouldn’t fit; they did. But they are too heavy to rise and bend for the screenhouse design.

It was a discouraging discovery. Maybe, if I continue to search, there will be someone with a ripped screen and intact poles. In the meantime, do they still sell old-fashioned mosquito netting? We could hang it from a teepee setup and have done with it for the summer. It would be so simple, wouldn’t it? As long as the poles are way longer than the unfortunately small toilet teepee, like, made for a 30-foot circumference with six foot or better head clearance, it should work. You see, I’m not built to give up. But today, when two poles were in place and no…

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