Talking to Myself (#1)

The Political Millennial

TPM is many things, for many reasons. It is mainly political, but most importantly it is mainly for me. What follows is a stream of consciousness writing that is not quite fiction and not quite poetry. It is me, it was cathartic to write, and it was something I felt like sharing. It has not been edited for grammar, and never should be. Thank you for reading.

I see this image of a little girl in a brick tower, constantly. She’s in a room at the top, but the room doesn’t belong in a brick tower. It has carpets, a TV. No one puts carpets in castles. (That’s a great title for an album, or a book.)

She’s watching TV, maybe 6 years old, maybe 9. I think she’s me, or an idea of me. I’m not transgendered or anything, but she’s a more pure reduction of childhood than my…

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