This is an Engaging Title!

Waking Up Thirty

Hello to you!

This week has been the longest ever.

My car kicked the bucket on Saturday so we are in search of another that fits our “no debt” policy, but isn’t also 18 years old. It is annoying as hell because my husband and I are complete opposites.

I swear he must have been asleep since 1999. He still rocks his Nirvana shirt, plaid button-ups with Lee jeans…

…wait a second. My teenage daughter also wears clothes like this. It is quite possible my husband is “on-fleek?”

Enter Twilight Zone music and all the voices in my head going into mass hysteria.

 What a week to be without wheels. It is finally feeling like spring, my youngest child is getting stir crazy and I have a friggin parcel at the post office. Said post office closes at 5pm and Husband does not get home until 530pm.

This is my life right…

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