A Trio of Tarts

the Futile Gourmet



I’m not sure any word sounds more appetizing to me than pastry. It could refer to a mouth-watering, cream-filled long-john or a delicate French eclair, a creamy filling or a flaky pie crust.

Today though is all about pastry crust, and a trio of pastries made from the same crust. The crust is a gluten-free almond flour, flavored lightly with vanilla. Almond flour makes for a crisp, cookie-like crust that isn’t too sweet.

As an added bonus, I’m using the same pastry cream recipe with a slight adjustment to make three different versions. The key is how a pastry cream is finished with butter. Adjust the finishing fat, and you can adjust the flavor: bittersweet chocolate makes a delicious chocolate pastry cream or a dab of peanut butter will please pb fans in a pinch.

Almond-Flour Crust*

yield: enough for six 3-inch tarts

  • 2 cups almond flour
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • a good bold pinch of…

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