Drowning whilst on land

Worthwhile Adventures

Since being in hospital, things feel like they’ve went from bad to worse. With the amount of different things they’re giving me you would have thought by now they’d have begun working, but they haven’t. The pain is still on and off and excruciating come night time for some reason I do not know, only on top of this now, my throat is covered in sores also, causing it to swell and stop me breathing. It’s full of mucus, giving me the effect I’m drowning. It is so scary and I’d be lying if I said “It’s okay though, I’m just getting on with it” because I’m not. I’ve been given Nebulisers to try and make breathing a bit easier although at the moment, it’s just making it slightly harder as it breaks up the mucus and brings it up into the back of my mouth. I’ve been handling everything else…

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