Why Pokemon Go Is Exactly What I Needed In My Life

The Cheap Ferret


Pokémon Go has taken the whole world by storm. Never since the late 90s has Pokémon been such a huge cultural phenomenon. Last time I saw Pokémon be this big a thing I was in early high school and demanding everything with a Pikachu on it for my birthday. Those were crazy times, but it appears that things just got crazier.

Pokémon Go, if you’ve been living under a rock, brings Nintendo and Game Freak’s popular series about catching cute, cuddly monsters kicking and screaming into the real world. No longer are you wandering around Viridian City or Lavender Town searching for digital monsters, with Pokémon Go you can search for them in Birmingham or Croydon, or indeed, anywhere else in the world.

People adore it, but according to some people, it’s bringing about the downfall of civilisation. Footage of Central Park being swarmed by people trying to catch…

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