Roading with the Homies: A Road Trip Memoir


Interning at my office every day has gotten me nostalgic to the days of no structure whatsoever of last summer. I found myself daydreaming about the road-trip I took with some gap year friends that I posted about way back when. If my life was composed of song lyrics, that road-trip would have been labelled “hot summer nights, mid-July, when you and I were forever wild.” Thanks for the inspo, Lana Del Rey.

Alas, since I can’t personally take off out of the blue and just drive, I figured I’d share lessons I’ve learned from my road-trip last summer for those of you that can just drive off into the sunset at the moment. Here’s a link to the original article I wrote for my college newspaper that highlights my incredible wisdom when it comes to spontaneous road trips:

Orrrrr you could just scroll down to read it right here:

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