Generation Lost: Why Your Grandma Had More Dates Than You

The Daily Nonconformist

At a party the other night,  a friend of mine shared her recent experience while traveling abroad.  She described a dreamy Frenchman named Ludo–a real gentleman–who passed every test and said all the right things.  The girls around her hung on every word. Then, she said he kissed her hand.

And the ladies went wild.

Meanwhile, a group of completely unassuming guys behind us noticed the commotion and cheered with us.  We laughed. If only they knew.  But this story had us all wondering. Whatever happened to the casual hand kiss?

We then reflected back to the time of our grandparents, when men gave up their seat on the bus, removed their hat, stood when a lady entered a room and kissed her hand upon being introduced.

 It was also a time when a man would buy a girl dinner just for the sake of getting to know her.  One of the girls mentioned that her grandma would go out…

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