Saturday Morning Stroll


We are enduring a bit of a heat wave in  Buxton at the moment. Lilly the Collie finds the heat oppressive, but this does not stop her wanting to play frisbee and chase her ball about.

The fact she has the equivalent of a heavy sweater on makes little difference. She would run and chase until heat exhaustion forces her to stop.

So when it is this hot, we go out early. Having checked out a badger sett locally, I decided that a walk around Green Fairfield would be a good idea, so packing up a couple of bottles of chilled water and some treats, we set off.

The first port of call was to the old Waterswallows quarry. The wild flowers on the hillside that overlooks the old quarry, now filled with water, are stunning.

The photographs don’t do them justice and I am no botanist, so I cannot…

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