The Circle of Life

malakhai jonezs


The pride, tentatively, walked to the waters edge to lap up a cool drink on a hot night. Breaking the calm, water thrashed about, reaching forward, pushed by the violence, thespray lashed out in all directions. Eachanimal near the water’s edge instinctively reacted, as taut muscles sprung each escape. Missing it’s mark, the waters gathered back over the crocas it receded back under the surface, resetting it’strap.

At the top of the hill, stood a lone lion surveying the activity. Panting in the heat, bobbing his head, he dropped it below his shoulders, as he began to walk down toward the watering hole. Taking it all in as he approached, processing the cues, he stepped to the bar. ”What’ll it be?” Asked the rhino, dressed in a red vest and black tie.

He replied, “I’ll have a vodka on the rocks.”

“Thanks! Keep the change. And here’s the tip.”


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