The Face of an Eating Disorder

For Emma and Ever

what does an eating disorder look like?

many people probably picture an emaciated looking woman with a tape measure wrapped around her waist and a scale permanently at her feet

and believe me, I have been there

but eating disorders are so much more than this narrow-minded, societally driven image

true, for me it involved a thin, frail looking frame with bones that jutted out at sharp angles and stood out against my pale, sickly looking skin

underneath which my body was working fervently to try and survive as I slowly but surely attempted to kill it

it started out as a desire to just be healthier, born of a dissatisfied and warped perspective of how I looked and who I was

I still remember the first day I stuffed my sneakers and workout clothes into my backpack along with my notebooks

and I also remember the days where I…

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