Hometown Visit to Xi’an

Adventurer Experience

Our first glimpse of Xi’An was from behind a taxi window, hurtling down the streets lit by white LED lights. The streets were full of cars and pedestrians, even 11PM at night: restaurants and hotels, KTV clubs and late night cafes remained twinkling in the dark, looking to attract more evening patrons.

Xi’an had impressively maintained its historic architecture (it’s city wall is one of the best preserved walls in China and many buildings in the downtown area still boast sweeping roofs that curve upwards at the corners) while embracing modernity and the West; Walmarts, McDonalds, Starbucks, KFCs, Subways, Pizza Huts are abound. If Shenzhen is industrious, Beijing is politely reserved, Shanghai is glitzy, then Xi’an is boisterous.

IMG_0071 section of the Xi’an City Wall and the moat around it

Between getting pickpocketed and the spicy food, we could really only muster the energy to visit the Terracotta Warriors and my…

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