Endure to the End

The Lazy Hippie

Enduring a second degree accelerated BSN program (or being married to someone going through it) is similar to pregnancy. In the beginning you think, “Holy cow! The end is SO far away!” The overwhelming mountain of information and the unknown details that lay ahead engulf you and stress ensues, but soon the rhythm of everything falls into place. Suddenly you’re half way through and although things aren’t a piece of cake, you’ve got this. Then, before you know it, you only gave a month and a half left! The end seems so close, and yet, so extremely far away. And finally, that last week and a half is near, and if you’re like me, you’re scrambling to get everything done. Prayers fly up every night that things can go smoothly and you’ll get to enjoy the sweet relief of it being over, although, knowing full well that another stressful adventure…

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