Micro-adventures and mishaps…. .


We enjoyed a couple of days at Les-Eyzies-Sur-Tayac-du-Soleil staying at the excellent aire on the banks of the River Vezère.  Surprisingly, the aire had plenty of space considering it was a weekend in July.  Les Eyzies is a small town in the Vezère Valley sitting beneath a vast limestone crag.

P1060931.JPG Vezere river.

As you can see from the pictures a considerable number of houses have been built into the rock, as is typical of most of the area in the valley.

P1060933.JPG Les-Eyzies-Sur-Tayac.

P1060937.JPGP1060938.JPGP1060946.JPGWe embarked on another walk from Lez Eyzies  on Friday 22nd July 2016 which took us out in an easterly direction on the north side of the river.  Even though, for the first couple of miles, the path followed the road, being on foot gave us the time to really appreciate the limestone cliffs with a good view of the remains of troglodytic dwellings.

P1060950.JPG Following the road…

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