Pea cream pasta

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Let me share my dinner from last night with you.
This all came together when I really wanted pasta. I did not feel like the regular bolognese though. No, I felt like creamy pasta. And peas.
The last time I made creamy pasta, it was all kinds of bland. It needed more of a kick. Something to make it stand out. So this time, I decided to add some bacon to the mix! I threw some other stuff in there and this eventually resulted in my new favorite pasta.

Here’s how you make it. Do keep in mind though, I tend to just wing it with the ingredients, so the proportions might be a bit off. I like a lot of sauce compared to the amount of pasta, so adding a bit more pasta should be fine (and feed more mouths).

To serve 2-3 people:
– 200g Pasta (whichever you…

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