Why Kitchen Sink?

Down the Drain with Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink is me, or who I choose to be at least. The name started as a joke, a self-proclaimed title just for the sake of nontraditional trash talk. The full story is too lengthy for me to tell here, but I’ll provide a brief summary. Just kidding it’s the full story, actually it’s the extended edition.

One summer day, I somehow ended up in a foreign environment: a backyard basketball court. Was this in my backyard? Yes. But while I am on a basketball court I could not feel farther from home. I never have played any organized form of the sport and am what some might call “bad” at it. Naturally, I decided to make up for my deficiency of skill with a surplus of self confidence; I’m still trying to decide if this is a fault or a virtue, but either way it’s a part of who I am…

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