The Golden Duck: A Bohemian Tale

Bridgit Tangential

Once upon a time, there lived a king and queen who ruled over a bountiful kingdom, with happy people. They were newly wed, and the people of the kingdom often came to see them together, for they lived so happily and they seemed to glow.

But there was one woman who was unhappy with the union. She was a crone, who had set the king on his quest to find his fairy bride, who had returned the bounty to the then failing kingdom. When the two had wed, they had not invited the old woman to the wedding, nor even acknowledged her role in their union. Thus, she set a plan to ruin the marriage.

She disguised herself in glamer as a younger woman, and dressed herself in the style of the Romany. Taking a comb enchanted with valerian root, she set off to see the young queen.

Now, theā€¦

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