Faith and Doubt

Diane Reagan

Doubt . . . [is] an element of faith.” Paul Tillich

God has used many doubters to accomplish his purposes. Many people started out on a quest to destroy Christianity, and became believers in the process. St. Paul, the great persecutor of Jesus’ followers after his crucifixion, is one of the more dramatic examples of a person who was brought to Jesus kicking and screaming. Others who set out to “disprove” Christianity have become among its most ardent believers. Lee Strobel is one such person. He says “I started out as an atheist, utterly convinced that God didn’t create people but that people created God in a pathetic effort to explain the unknown and temper their overpowering fear of death. My previous book, The Case for Christ, described my nearly two-year examination of the historical evidence that pointed me toward the verdict that God really exists and…

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