Time management. I don’t have it.

Shuffle, not stomp

This is a problem because I have an extremely limited amount of time to get anything done in my life.  And it’s not getting better.

It goes like this: I clear a whole hour, or ninety minutes, or two hours (if I’m extra-extra super lucky) and I sit down in front of my computer.  And… do all the things you do on the internet, when you are wasting time.  Shopping.  Reading celebrity gossip.  All that stuff.

So I have started using a system I read about on Lifehacker.  (No link cuz I can’t find the original post, and plunging down the black hole of the internet is what got me  into this mess).  It’s very simple, but it really helps: Pick an allotted amount of time, say 10 minutes, and set a timer.  Write for that entire time.  Really force yourself to focus.  Then take a small break (say 2…

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