Because homemaking wasn’t on the career day roster.

When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, one of my young daughters answered “a mom”.

But instead of a smile from the well-meaning adult who had asked her the question, what she got in response was this little gem of a comment: “Well, I think you need to get yourself some higher aspirations.”

And then came the laughter directed towards my child’s comment, as if she had just said she wanted to be a fairy princess or a dollar bill ironer…what a cute little kid answer…ha. Ha. Ha.  I took up for my wonderful kid, smiling proudly at her and encouraging her to keep on keeping on and made sure she was okay. And then came my annoyance with this interaction and also my disbelief that this was said with me, THE MOM, in earshot.

There is this view of motherhood as simply something to do…

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