One Big Tent or Many Little Camps?

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Spectrum Magazine

Our faith is a Big Tent covering a multitude of viewpoints. We share a foundation in belief of the most basic things. Right?

Our church has had some major disagreements. We’ve disagreed on the bounds of academic freedom, had vigorous debates on the role of women, had protracted discourses about race relations, and fervent volleys regarding homosexuality. There have been heated and passionate pleas among all those involved in these conversations. People quote texts and cite personal experience. People get upset, some cry, or even leave. Some become persuaded, some have changes of heart, some become champions for positions they previously disdained. Yet through all the back and forth, it was clear that we all were representatives of different perspectives within one faith. Yes, there were those who screamed, “If you don’t agree with me, then get out!” True, there are the diehards convinced…

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