Why You Should Wait to Share Vacation Photos on Facebook

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IMG_2788 The Louvre, 2014 Nichols Family Vacation

A few months ago, while on a family vacation in Washington, DC, my mom sent a text and asked, “I thought you were in DC.”  I replied that I was but I wasn’t posting pictures because my oldest daughter was staying in our house alone and I didn’t want to advertise that the majority of us were out of town on Facebook.

At first she may have thought that I was just one big worrywart but then during a phone call a week or two later, she told me that not posting vacation photos on Facebook was probably a very good idea.

You see, my mom works at a rehabilitation hospital as a case worker.  Her rehab hospital is the place where people go when they’re too sick to go home but taking up too much room and resources at a real hospital.


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