Not enough (who I am)

Eva with n

Hey, so like three days ago I wrote a song (Not enough (poem)) about my feelings.

It’s the feeling that is very knowen to me.

And I said that I will try to explain what is it about, right? So now I’m here talking about it:).

But, let’s get sirious now (inlist for ten minutes:).

So, I’m always that fun and happy person.

I’m the one who people can hold to when they fall too hard. And they can’t stand up.

I’m glad that I can be the person to help because the feeling you get when that people say thank you. Than you know you did something right.

You did something meaningfull.

And that’s why I’m always happy.

So I could do something right again.

I’m happy because I don’t want other people to see me. To try to help me.

I don’t wanna seem like a…

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