On Good Friends, Creativity, and Time

Erica Everhart Photography Blog

I woke up this morning and, as I’m wont to do, grabbed my phone and checked Instagram.  I was met with a picture of a photography friend and fellow Vienna resident, sitting on a dorm room floor, reading the new Harry Potter book to her daughter.  The caption said something along the lines of how she’d take any chance she can get to read to her daughter again.

We still read to our girls.  Admittedly some nights I don’t feel like it, instead craving that alone time that feels so precious and rare.  But the girls love it and we’ve read some great books together. Then the thought that one day it will end hits me. Whether it is because they get tired of it or because they go off to college and distance makes it hard if not impossible, it doesn’t matter — these moments are fleeting.

So I put…

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