The Addams Family… The original TV series

Sara's Movie Night

Awhile ago, I’d purchased this entire series. It was one of those that I kept putting off watching. But I’ve been in the mood for some binge watching, so in it went.

I have to say, I loved every second of it. Here’s a family that is, to be honest, weird, but they love and care for each other and always try to be neighborly. I love every member of the family. I’ve always found sad the way “normal” people react to them. Thankfully, unless they were called “nuts”, it all seemed to go over their heads.

Morticia and Gomez really have quite the relationship. I love watching them. I know it’s acting, but it feels steamy!

It really feels like this series helped lay the foundation for today’s supernatural hits. If you want a trip back to yesteryear that still feels fresh, I would recommend The Addams Family!

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