Fish on Friday


Mr. Anhinga really enjoys a bit of fish on a Friday. “Now where’s that pesky fish disappeared to? I’m sure I saw it only a few seconds ago.”


“Nope can’t see it. Come out, come out wherever you are!”


“Coming up for air, but I’m not giving up. Just a few quick breaths and I’ll get that fish if it’s the last thing I do.”


“Ha! Gotcha! Thought you could hide from me, did you? Well you were wrong.”


“Sorry to spoil your weekend, but I’m afraid you’re not going to live to enjoy it. Bet you’re feeling like a fish out of water, aren’t you?”


“You’re a bit bigger than my normal lunch,  but let’s get you to dry land and then I’ll be able to maneuver better.”


“Now, I just have to work out how to get you to fit down the ‘red lane’.


“Easy does it. Just…

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