Carpe Diem


Is anyone really spontaneous? Is spontaneity a thing that people actually enjoy or do people just like the connotations that come with being a spontaneous person? “Pass me that leather jacket, those shades and my bandanna because I’m a bad boy whose about to carpe the sh*t out of some diem. Oh yes, I’m reckless and I disregard all routine.”

These “yolo” people are the people I envy most. As a young whippersnapper, I once imagined myself destined to be an adventurous soul and, even now, I dream of shedding the shackles of my daily schedule and living for the moment. Laughable considering my obsession with structure and timings. Work rotas are the foundation that my life is built around. Next, any appointments or pre-planned events. Then, fitness classes are slotted into the gaps. 

I love classes because they have a set time to start and finish. You know exactly stand…

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