The irreconcilable rifts in the Labour Party, and how they’ve happened

Jack Cunningham

labour(Picture courtesy of Evening Standard.)

I’m sad to say it, and it was probably coming for a long time, but yet again we find ourselves looking at a Labour Party again tearing itself apart. From the outside, I can only imagine the horror that people find when they see pure factionalism, egotism, power grabbing and a form of percieved 18th Century back-stabbery that we thought we’d recovered from in British politics in the current Labour Party and our leadership race.

Being brutally honest, I haven’t actually been convinced as to who the most truthful candidate is; I value honesty, grit and leadership in my leader, not somebody with a meaningless lust of power with the hidden function to play political games. That’s me, and that’s why I’m in politics. If we do nothing at all, we have to remember that not only the 40 MPs, or the 172 (now 176…

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