I Like it it’s Nice and Other Insults

Hope Antonella Guzzo

Scrolling through Pinterest the other day I came across this;


Going too quickly, I misread this as “Art speak when words are unable to explain.” I thought it was referring to ‘art speak’ aka the nuanced, often complex sometimes cryptic lexicon used in the Art World to discuss, critique and write about art. I thought it was funny.

We (people in the Art World) like nouns. Intentionality, visuality and conventionality for example. I use ‘negation’, ‘connotation’ and ‘contextuality’ often. My favorite word is ‘access’ and all of its forms; accessible/inaccessible/accessibility. (Side note; There is a lot to be unpacked regarding my use of ‘access’ but that is for a later article.)

Phrases and words have an art-specific meaning. “Active space” is not the representation of the space around a moving subject. Space is a concept, a thing to be activated conceptually  and thus engaging the viewer on an intellectual level.

Art is hard to talk about…

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