Picture Frames

Embracing Starshine

Finally got around to
Taking the pictures of us
Out of the frames
Look and see you
the photos of happy us
at least thats what photos claim
These ones where I’m blond
Short hair, beard gone
Arms around my waist
We proudly displayed how fond
our love was til overdone
and turned into one big disgrace
We move on in life
as lovers do
pretending to forget old times
similiar to a sort of afterlife
sometimes pretend I don’t love you
for I can’t forget our crimes
The picture frames came off the wall
the photos out the space
Hide away, kept in a special box
Couldn’t throw away them all
You’re right dishes can be replaced
and the sheet, the frames, but the box
Holds years of life of mine
the box will live and grow on
holding memories of the good and bad
because both sides are…

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