Sleep, Eat, Meet, Repeat.

Pan & Pen

Waking up late, eating breakfast at eleven and having no priorities for the entire day has been a long awaited task. For the next two weeks this lifestyle is definitely one I can get used to. To pass time eating, relaxing and talking a walk around the town prove the best activities – especially in 35 degree heat.


One adventure we had was to a local market a short walk away; not dissimilar to what you may see in the UK, the fruit market was sheltered with large high arches, surrounded by small shops and cafes and filled with rows and rows of stalls filled with fruits and vegetables. Melons, tomatoes, plums, peaches, lemons… you name it. Not to mention the incredible mounds of watermelons and tomatoes you’d never see elsewhere. Fresh honey from local hives and tiny pouches of local bee pollen sat amongst a rainbow of ingredients with jars…

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