I’m just an ordinary Joe who likes to spout and reblog about anything and everything, and sometimes reflects on his childhood and the events that made me what I am today. My childhood was poor but not deprived, I loved school and college and got my first job through a lucky coincident. Retired after 34 years of work to travel the world and enjoy my second marriage.


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  1. The Millionaire's Digest on

    34 Huh? Thank you for reblogging my work! I love those who do it out of kindness! 🙂

  2. franklparker on

    And thank you for re-blogging mine.

  3. Travel Gourmet on

    Thank you for reflagging my post on Bilbao!

  4. Travel Gourmet on

    That should have been reblogging … but spell check changed it!!

  5. wendyrichardsonsite on

    Thank you for giving me my first reblog!

  6. daphneradenhurst on

    Thank you for reblogging my post on Happiness. I’m fairly new to this so I’m interested to see how this can spread. I’m curious to know where did you see my blog?

  7. Glynis Jolly on

    Thank you for reblogging my post. This is the first time anyone has done this. I’m overcome with appreciation. 🙂

  8. acuherbdr on

    Thank you for reblogging my post on Beans, Kidney Bean, Black, Red (Chi Xiao Dou 红小豆,芸豆). Pretty cool knowing you like it 🙂

  9. Ken and Debbie on

    Thank you for reblogging our post on our scary flash flood experience. How did you see our post?

    • shallowthinking on

      I just like to read random blogstuff and reblog any that I find interesting.

  10. vicwonder on

    Thanks a bunch for reblogging my post, and like Oliver Twist, more have dropped on, feel free to re, and re, and reblog!

  11. vicwonder on

    *dropped in*

  12. Valérie Downey on

    Thank you so much for re-blogging my post! I appreciate it and hope I write something of value again so that you’re tempted to keep reblogging 🙂

  13. norskin on

    Many thanks for reblogging my post “What Do You Get When You Fall In Love?” (I had to think a bit to decide if it was a compliment to be reblogged under the heading, “Shallow Thinking”! 😉 )

  14. themask22 on

    Thanks for the share. Hope my words draw interest. Travel the world far and wide, would be great to read your stories!

  15. bonvanageblog on

    Thanks for re-blogging my post – I’ll maybe get more than the few readers I have now!

  16. charlotte on

    Hey! Thank you for re-blogging, super cool! 🙂

  17. cassiekrone56 on

    Thank you for my first reblog! Much appreciated. 🙂

  18. bridgittangential on

    Thank you for reblogging my story.

  19. frankijoy on

    Thank you so much for reblogging!!

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