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Internet Vandals Playing A Dangerous Game

Somewhere there is an individual sitting in front of a PC, feeling self satisfied. Their act of vandalism is busy reeking havoc on SQL servers across the internet, letting worms and bots loose in the internet and uploading Trojans on to computers.

I’m sure they are smiling at the thought of seemingly beating the big and hated Microsoft, exploiting a weakness in the internet and seeing all those who have and are suffering as helpless morons. A lot has been written about virus writers and their antics are easy fodder for IT magazines and newsletters. A common theme for why they do it is, ‘we are exposing weaknesses in software systems that should not be there. We are helping to improve digital security. It’s a service’.

Should we thank them for their acts of selflessness? NO. The only people who gain from this are the anti-virus software companies. Like the thief who tries your back door to see if it’s unlocked, these internet vandals are only do it for their own gain.