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Yes, More Of The Same Please

post-boxThere are two contrasting union approaches to the problem of companies surviving the economic down turn; at Vauxhall union members have voted to accept an agreement that will freeze their pay for two years and introduce cost saving measures in return for no compulsory redundancies. There is still some doubt over the legality of the Magna buyout as it would seem the help given by the German government may breach EU legislation, but at least the unions and management have made sense of a difficult situation.

Over at the Royal Mail things could not be more different, the stand-off between the unions and management has ended in strike action by staff due to start in the next week. Its a strike that will deliver no benefits for anyone, the staff, the management, Royal Mail or the country. Its a death wish brought on by years on infighting between poor management and militant unions. If ever these was a case study for all that’s wrong with British industry in the 21st century then look no further.

But then, the Royal mail is not a private company, its owned by the government and ultimately us the public. It was protected from the realities of commercial life for many years, until, that is it was made to stand on its own feet in preparation for privatisation. The inefficient working practices, the annual losses and the poor service had to end so the private sector would be able to bid for a going concern. The friction caused by the new managements tough approach has upset the staff to the point were we will all suffer. Its time for some realism on both sides, and time for the government to get involved, but with an election not far away that’s not likely as it would be far to risky.