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Retirement, the Best Job Around.

Screenshot_2016-03-06-12-00-38_crop_714x418I keep seeing articles in the press and magazines about the problems that face men when they retire. It’s suggested we loose money, the structure of our lives, status, and our sense of efficacy. Divorce rates among the retired have increase and dissatisfaction with having to live a non-working life increases rapidly.

Somehow all these problems have passed me by, retirement has meant my wife and I travelling the world, taking over the kitchen, getting more involved in the community and using the skills and knowledge I gained at work to benefit our village school.

Obviously money is a big issue but as we all know retirement is an inevitable event for most of us we need ensure we have a financial plan which will provide security. Fail to plan and you plan to fail. The other important issue is your attitude to work. Too many live for their work instead of working to live. There are so many opportunities for the more mature man today, no one any reason to resent or fear retirement.


Quick On The Drawing Gets The First Job

The careers advisor at my technical college was the brother of the training officer at a local die-casting company. By chance a member of the estimating department was about to emigrate to Australia and they were looking for a replacement. I duly arrived at the company dressed in my best and only suit ready for my first ever formal interview.

Two men arrived in the small waiting area in reception and introduced themselves. One opened a drawing out on the coffee table and asked if I could describe what the object was? Checking the scale (it was drawn 1/3 full size if I remember correctly) I quickly identified the object as a rocker box cover from a car engine and described, with much gesticulation, the object.

The two men looked at each other and then, almost in unison, said; when can you start? No in-depth questioning, no asking where I wanted to be in ten years time, not even a quick ‘tell us a little about yourself’. Just a few minutes looking at a drawing and I had got the job. Nowadays interviewing staff is a chore. Too much bureaucracy, too many forms and too many people who are less than honest in their CVs.