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Its Over, Its Not, Its Over, Its Not

Unemployed WorkerA few days ago we were told the recession was over when measured by the increase in business leaders confidence and the rate of mortgage lending has dramatically increased. Today we hear one in six homes are benefit households with no one in employment, we also hear that the young are suffering most in this time of increasing unemployment.

Such mixed messages prove no one knows what is really happening to the economy as a whole but some sectors are doing much better than others and there is a real risk some people will get left behind doomed to live a poor life in a country that is once more prospering. There is plenty of evidence to show living on benefits can provide a higher income than working for the national minimum wage, an odd conundrum, particularly as families earning over £50,000 a year can also get benefits in the form of tax credits.

The whole benefits system is a mess and needs to be reformed if we are to help those who will suffer longest, reduce the cost to the country and reinforce the ethos that working for a living is the most profitable life style. Benefits should provide only the very basics of life and slowly reduce as a family’s income increases above the equivalent of the minimum wage but stops before the national average wage is reached.


Someone Pay For My Kids

The Grandparents Plus group has come up with the notion that grandparents should be paid to looking after their own grand children while the parents go out to work. The group say the idea is supported by most parents. Well, state the blindly obvious why don’t you; of course they are going to support any idea that gives them more money, only a fool would object.

This is another case of people seeing the role of the state as being to support every single aspect of their lives instead of looking after themselves. If a grandparent decides to care for their grandchild that is their decision, they should not expect the state to pay them for what is their duty to the family. If the kids go to nursery school they would be getting benefits to help pay the cost, so using their grandparents saves the government money they cry. Saving money, what about the kids in all this what is best for them, being at home with the family, not dumped in some nursery at seven in the morning would probably be best.

Why people have kids and then quickly pass them on to someone else for most of their waking day is beyond me. Yes, some mothers have to work but is their income so essential to bringing up a well adjusted child. Probably not. A loving home is far more important than the three holidays a year, the latest plasma screen TV, new cars and all the other trappings with which we have become obsessed. Perhaps that’s why we have so many young adults that have no concern for anyone else but themselves and believe the would owes them a living.

Above Average Income? Have Some More!

News that £7.3bn has been over paid in tax credits comes as no surprise. A system that takes money from people with one hand then immediately hands it back with the other is totally barking. The system is inefficient and costly to administer, who ever dreamed up the idea should be sacked.

What makes situation even worse and costly is the level at which the credits are made. The minimum wage, which is around £11,950 a year, is presumably set at a level that the government considers sufficient to live in the UK. The national average wage is more than double this figure and therefore well above the level necessary to live in the UK. Working Tax Credits are paid to families with children at levels well above the national average wage. Why?

Why are we giving benefits to families who are earning more than double the minimum wage? Its madness. It instils an attitude that the state will always provide, what has happened to looking after one’s own family? We seem to have come to a situation where family life is being subsidised by all those tax payers who don’t have or want children, or who work hard only to see half of their salary taken in tax and national insurance. Its time the whole system was reformed, make it simple and only give benefits to those who really do need them.

State Sponsored Fatties

ttar_lard_hSo, we have a family of four who are too fat to work but are complaining that the benefits they receive are insufficient because they cannot buy enough food and are getting hungry. Well, they are either just having a laugh or their brains have been deep fried in lard. The photo of this happy family should have been banned under the obscene publications act. Their asses are so big they have their own postcodes.

They reckon they don’t have the time to diet, of course not they are too busy eating. I always though that being overweight made you impotent and sterile. How, then are these fat people able to breed. I suspect they have given up sex and taken to having large quantities of body fat removed and cloned into an offspring the same way amoeba reproduce through mitosis.

The youngest daughter said they all want to lose weight to stop the abuse they get in the street, but we don’t know how. Er, its easy, just remember your mouth is bigger then your ass. As for giving them more benefits, I’d stop giving them anything. A few weeks without food and they will loose enough fat to be able to get decent jobs other than acting as a fenders on the side of a cruse liner.