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Cutting The Cost Of Motoring

Motor manufacturers are suffering from a big downturn in sales of vehicles as the public rein in their spending. Its at these times that manufacturers must seek ways to cut the cost of their cars to help get sales moving again. Well as a driver with many years experience and the owner of many new cars I have a few tips they may wish to consider.

First get rid of all the accessories drivers never use. I’m thinking of items such as indicators, no one seems to use them or if they do its at times when they serve very little purpose. Wing mirrors are another item that most motorists ignore; they just get in the way when you’re parking in a narrow bay or get snapped off in the car wash. The number of gears could be substantially reduced as most drivers seem content to drive everywhere in top gear with their accelerator firmly pressed to the floor.

Next are the items that only serve to distract the driver from the task of controlling the vehicle. The speedometer has become a real distraction as has the myriad warning lights on the dashboard. There is also that beeping thing that goes off for a few minutes when you first set off. I think its got something to do with the seat belts, but quite what, I’m not sure. The list of superfluous items is considerable and would probably cut the cost of a car by twenty or thirty percent. Well worth considering.


Driving With Immunity

The Portuguese lorry driver accused of killing six people when his lorry crashed into their car claims he did not see the vehicle in front of him until it was too late. In fact he said he did not see the queue of traffic that had built up on the M6 due to the closure of several junctions. The case has yet to conclude so we must wait for the final verdict but it only takes a few minutes driving on our busy roads to witness the stupidity of many drivers.

We kill many thousands of people on the roads of Britain every year but it only gets into the headlines when a tragedy such as the deaths of the Stathams occurs. Road traffic accidents are the biggest cause of death for young children, it is a disgrace that little is done to solve the problem and the penalties for bad driving are so derisory.

Bad driving and speeding will only be reduced if there is a real chance the offenders will be caught and the penalties have a real impact on their lives. It will be a brave political party that takes up the cause as most people view driving as an unalienable right and speeding as a victimless crime.