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Never Ending Sordidness

Euro_coinsThe expenses claims of MPs continue to fill the front pages of Britain’s newspapers, the latest discovery being the inflated claims for council tax expenses. The MPs responses are to trot out the same old excuses; I made an innocent mistake; I confused the figures; I did not realise I had used the wrong figure.

Its increasingly hard to understand how the very people who are supposed to be sorting out the economic troubles currently facing the country have so much trouble sorting out their own finances. It makes one question the motivation of individuals who wish to become MPs, it seems less about serving their country and more about serving themselves. The Kinnocks are a classic example of career politicians who have made a fortune while doing very little in return.

For the past 14 years the auditors of the EU accounts have declined to sign them off because a not insignificant proportion of the spending cannot be adequately accounted for. Although Neil Kinnock was given the task of solving some of the problems of financial control nothing really changed. Even an internal report criticised his three year campaign to put things right. They continue to dip their hands in the public purse while being totally ineffective as politicians. Self serving like too many of our current crop of MPs.


Fair Pay

Perhaps the Government should start by setting an example to the ex-boss of RBS by giving up some of their financial rewards having presided over, and contributed to, the county’s current woes and a national debt that equates to over £33,000 for every person in the country.

Lets start with those over generous pensions. It only takes 25 years at 6% contributions to get a pension of half pay. If you contribute at 10% its only 20 years to half pay. It must be one of the best pension deals around.

And how about those poorly regulated expenses claims. No receipt is required for items under £250 and the range of items which can be claimed is extensive. The average expenses claim is more than twice a MP’s salary and the total for the whole of Parliment is almost £100,000,000.

Asking the bank bosses to give up some of their cash seems rather two-faced in view of how MPs have taken to the money grabbing culture. Just look at the official guidance below to see what’s on offer to MPs. You might just think it worth having a go at the next general election.

The Green Book [Guidance to Members on Fees and Allowances produced by the House of Commons’ Department of Finance and Administration]

Try On

Now we know. The difference between being fair and trying it on is £58. Not much it would seem, except the the being fair bit was £160,000. If ever you needed proof that politicians were only in it for the money just take a look at how they take every opportunity to claim every penny possible without a moments embarrassment.

They do not even see the lax rules as a problem and many are working hard to prevent the public knowing how much they claim and for what. When so many are finding it harder to pay their way, its time our politicians started paying theirs’.