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Yes Minister, Yes Back Bencher, Yes Keep Us Entertained

House of CommonsAs Home Secretary Jacqui Smith kept us all entertained with her joke expense claims and her husband’s liking for naughty films, now as a back bencher she is making a bit of a comeback with her confessions of an MP show. Basically she has admitted to being entirely unsuited to the high office which she accepted, she had “never run a major organisation” before becoming Home Secretary.

Compare that remark to the continuous message we get from the Labour government, ‘we are best suited to the task of running the country’. Er, does anyone see a problem? The truth is that a significant number of MPs are career politicians who’s only skills are avoiding answering questions and avoiding the truth. Those who have spent time working in the real world have been lawyers or academics and never been near a factory floor or taken responsibility for the success of commercial enterprise.

If MPs are going to be successful in running the country they need to have been through the experiences of life most of us have to face day to day. If ministers are going to run efficient and effective miniseries they need have successfully managed significant enterprises and dealt with complex problems. The problem is that prospective parliamentary candidates are selected for their political views and ability to woo the selection panels. As anyone who has interviewed applicants for job vacancies its easy to be misled and pick the wrong person.


Opps, Caught Watching The Act

You could not make it up, the husband of the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, charged his porno movies to her ministerial expenses. Working as his wife’s parliamentary aide has obviously made him feel a little inadequate and in need of a little excitement. He has apologised for ‘any embarrassment he has caused’. Why use the words ‘any embarrassment’? He caused lots of embarrassment and much hilarity. Already mired in controversy over her second home expenses this latest episode just shows the story will keep us amused and angry for many more weeks.

Surly there should be more than just an apology, some form of disciplinary action would be appropriate, mind you depending on her husband’s proclivities he might just find a bit of discipline very enjoyable. The cartoonist and script writers must be loving this couple, so much material to work with, they are a gift to the comedy world.

For the sake of the comedy writers, lets hope Jacqui forgives her husband and gives him her full support. After all, in 2008 he did start a letter-writing campaign to the Redditch Advertiser in Worcestershire praising her work and the government. Unfortunately, he forgot to mention he was her husband and he gets £40,000 a year as her employee. You just couldn’t make it up.