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Strong Words Butter No Bread

bread and butterSchool dinner services have been struggling to comply with new rules on nutrition while keeping meals attractive to children. Meals have to provide defined levels of 14 nutrients while limiting sugar and fat content, and increasing dietary fibre. Now the school meals guru Jamie Oliver has told them not to butter bread for sandwiches but use a low fat spread or omit the it altogether.

This has raised the concern of the Dairy Council who rightly point out that most low fat spreads contain several man made compounds together with artificial colouring and preservatives. Its rather surprising that someone who derides the process food industry should proclaim its use in preference to butter which is an entirely natural product.

If you follow his cookery programmes he can often be seen to be liberally using salt, an entirely unnecessary addition to most foods, lots of olive oil, the consumption of fat in any form should be limited, and cream, well we need say no more about that one. He seems to be imposing a food regime which is not part of his own diet, a bit of a hypocrite who should start eating his own words and not forcing them the country’s children.