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Cooking Up A Storm In A Wine Glass

keith floydIn some ways the death of Keith Floyd comes at no surprise in view of his life style, he certainly did not include the idea of restraint in his attitude to life. Watching his cooking programmes back in the mid to late 1980 was a real eye opener. His natural style of presenting and simple cooking which produced such wonderful results kept us all amused and encourage to try something new.

I never met the man but did come across his double running a small restaurant in Elat on the Israeli Red Sea coast. Smele’s Place served fresh, simply grilled dishes of local fish and meat with equally simple salads. The owner who was also a great drinker and womaniser would quickly a start to flirt with them in the most outrageous way, the younger they were the greater his efforts.

He claimed to be Keith’s brother who had left England to get away from his estranged wife who was bleeding his bank account dry. Whatever the truth he was as big and colourful as the real article and proved the world is in great need of more of these characters to brighten up our lives and debunk all the mystery and fads that surrounds cooking and food.