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The Few Supported By The Unnecessary Many

armyFor every member of the military at the front line there are two people back in the UK. Its a further example of how the MOD has become a lumbering and inefficient organisation that is in desperate need of reform. The fact that it takes them ten to 20 years to acquire new equipment that ends up costing almost twice the original estimate makes one wonder just what do al these civil servants do other than collect fat pensions and knighthoods.

There is no denying the country needs a military force but we seem to be punching well above our weight at a time when we need to cut public spending and concentrate on the social problems at home. Our time as one of the leading world powers is long gone and its time we realised our influence is far less then in the past.

There is a huge dividend to be gained from reigning in our defence spending and streamlining the MOD. As both leading political parties have admitted there will need to be cuts in public spending I think the starting point is obvious. Whether either party has the courage to make the cuts will be a measure of how much they are willing to sort out our economic problems.


Waiting in the NHS Line

Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry, who was awarded the Victoria Cross has said it was disgraceful that some veterans struggled to get treatment. He also said the army provided serving personnel with “first-class” treatment but ex-soldiers were forced to wait on the NHS.

Welcome to the real world. Mental health services are underfunded and poorly provided in many parts of the country. Whatever the cause of the problem we should all get equal access. Military personal choose to do a job that they know will put them at risk. It takes courage to go into action and we all owe them a great debt. But treatment must be based on clinical priority not employment history.

If there is a problem, its with the MOD not the NHS. The MOD should ensure services are in place to support ex-service personnel. The NHS has a very difficult job, balancing resources against totally uncontrollable demand it does not need Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry to make things worst.