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The ‘Shut-up’ Diet

Datamonitor reports only 1 in 100 dieters is successful at permanently loosing weight. Now why does that not come as a surprise to most people, even the fat ones? Because it’s eating too much that makes you fat and diets are just short term stylish fads. If you want to loose weight shut your mouth before you feel full, take smaller portions, cut out sugar and stop grazing between meals.

If you want to get into shape, take exercise, use the stairs not the lift, walk down the road don’t take the car and go dig the garden. middle age spread is a myth. Middle age slothfulness and gluttony is a fact. But this is too simple for the fat farm industry and there is no money to be made from just telling people what to do.

To make money you need to sell something, be it a book, a magic pill or membership of a club. The diet industry is very good at all three it’s the effectiveness of these products that’s non existent.


Loose Your Childhood And You May Loose Your Life

So, no sooner have our children learnt to walk they are giving up the practice to become couch potatoes. Television is now the opiate of the young. I’ll resist the contrast with a television-free childhood of the 1950s where we made our own entertainment and only sat still at meal times. My worry is the effect this lack of self-simulation and imagination will have on their future lives. Is this what‘s generating the growing numbers of moronic individuals I meet every day?

Instead of removing the social divisions caused by a lack of education and money we seem to be creating a new division based on a lack of intellect, social skills and creativity. Alcohol has become the opiate of the young generation and getting drunk a nightly rituals Ladette culture has taken hold as young women try to outdo young men. Too much cash and too little self respect seems to be the norm today.

Over 20% of children are overweight, or fat if you prefer. They also have a high prevalence of low self-esteem, suffer bullying, develop diabetes and many other problems. In fact obesity is the most common childhood disorder in Europe. We know being overweight will shorten your life span so why do parents allow their children to get in such a state. In America ‘reckless endangerment’ is a crime, perhaps we should start making parents accountable for the over eating and inactions of their children, it might even make them think about their own unhealthy lifestyles.

State Sponsored Fatties

ttar_lard_hSo, we have a family of four who are too fat to work but are complaining that the benefits they receive are insufficient because they cannot buy enough food and are getting hungry. Well, they are either just having a laugh or their brains have been deep fried in lard. The photo of this happy family should have been banned under the obscene publications act. Their asses are so big they have their own postcodes.

They reckon they don’t have the time to diet, of course not they are too busy eating. I always though that being overweight made you impotent and sterile. How, then are these fat people able to breed. I suspect they have given up sex and taken to having large quantities of body fat removed and cloned into an offspring the same way amoeba reproduce through mitosis.

The youngest daughter said they all want to lose weight to stop the abuse they get in the street, but we don’t know how. Er, its easy, just remember your mouth is bigger then your ass. As for giving them more benefits, I’d stop giving them anything. A few weeks without food and they will loose enough fat to be able to get decent jobs other than acting as a fenders on the side of a cruse liner.