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Ketchup Sarnies And Rhubarb Dip

Perishers003One of the luxuries of getting old is being able to occasionally indulge in foods from your youth, although those around you may look on them with some disgust. Bread features large in these culinary delights having been a staple and affordable food at a time when money was in short supply. Bread and scrape (beef dripping) was the ultimate treat, particularly the layer of rich brown jelly that lay under the creamy soft beef fat, even my father would indulge in this treat.

Second on the list was the sugar sandwich, yes bread, butter and crunchy granulated sugar. You must remember that as kids in the 50s sweets were a treat not an everyday thing and we were much more active than now so the impact of empty calories and saturated fats were minimal. The final sandwich on the menu is the ketchup sarnie. A simple concoction that even found fame in the Daily Mirror strip cartoon The Perishers. The skill of the ketchup sarnie was to eat one without leaving red marks on hands, face, clothing, furniture or the person standing next to you.

From late April to the end of May each year we could adopt a more healthy approach to eating with the rhubarb dip. A freshly pulled stick of rhubarb and an egg cup filled with caster sugar. The thin immature sticks are best as they are less stringy. The end of the rhubarb is dipped in the sugar and then bitten off. The acidic juicy stem blended with the sweet sugar in a burst of flavour that I can remember to this day.